The Motherhood Journal #9

Musings on multidimensional reality on the doorstep of my adolescence, on the first day of Autumn. My younger one, who is less-than-a-month short from being three, wraps his arm around…

Waiting #002

  enough of living for the next month next Christmas for the next email message. i heard feminism used to be all about the body talk but for once i…

Waiting #001

Although there are no guarantees in the kingdom of risk, nature shows us, time and again, that it is precisely at that moment of greatest risk, the moment when everything…

Blessings Book

I finally finished printing 7 editions of Blessings. Now I am working on typography for the poems and the title page. 2011-2016  


In Geneva, schools have a ski vacation for one week in February. City is emptier than usual but  ski schools are packed. People evacuate to the mountains for sports and sunlight….