KimyiBo Art

Painting Mothering

These paintings are for me, a reminder to see the the value of the work I am doing as a woman performing mothering every day. While my responsibilities of taking care of young people chip away at my productivity as an artist, I believe this work has transformed me as a person and as an artist to be more “caring”.

Visually, I have never showed works with figures before because I always felt I was not good at it. Only the deep need to put myself unapologetically (as an Asian woman) on the picture planes pushed me to start using people as one of the main elements of my images. It is freeing that I tried!

As a bonus, people who saw these works through exhibition and by pictures told me that these images speak to them. I take as a permission to keep up at it. KimyiBo turns to #figurative_painting in 2020 LOL


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