a cat and a boy
Daily Inspirations

For all the cat lovers

Beginning of this year Faith and Zuka met for the first time at M’s. M is an auntie who takes care of Faith while the artist mommy goes to her studio. In January Faith used to scream around Zuka with half real fear and half fascination. Zuka found a new hiding spot in the under pocket of Faith’s stroller. Other than that I don’t know much about their interactions.

This morning Faith did not want to part with me so I put him on the high chair. He is usually distracted by munchies. Next moment I saw Zuka climbing up to take his place next to Faith.

So this is how friendship builds.




In Geneva, schools have a ski vacation for one week in February. City is emptier than usual but  ski schools are packed. People evacuate to the mountains for sports and sunlight. It is much more desired to go up than stay down here with rain and fog.

Beginning of this month, I started going to Geneva printmaking atelier. Sometimes when I am there I feel as if I am dreaming. I can’t believe I am here again with colorful tarletan-balls, heating plate, paint knives, petrol and alcohol. This is where I belong.

I am 36 years old this month. I am not waiting for April as I had been doing in the past February months. I am not in a rush to embark on a new project or to have a show. I like watching my three-year-old girl playing with my baby. My favorite is listening to their giggles for all the evening after bath. This sight and sound, I want to run them through the press and print them on my memory.

Motherhood Journal

Motherhood journal #8

Woke up at 5AM
had BR alone. Loved it
then drew an orangutan
I liked his eyes.
it’s wednesday and my heart is heavy
two kids and me until 9PM with no plan
it’s a perfect setup for a failure
for a mildly depressed person.
I try some distraction–tried to sell a few things via online forum–but it made kids antsy. they know when mom is not present.
I try art time. It tires me out–manically closing the caps on all pans and tubes two kids keep opening, wiping excess paints off a mat, pulling a paper off one child’s hand so the other stops yelling–kids love it. “Mommy, I like painting.”A new discovery.
it’s only 11AM.
Next plan is to try out my new system, e-bike and a trailer.
I am super excited.
I load the kids in a trailer and release thee locks on a bike. The new locks are made of connected sticks of steal. They don’t bend. Watching me struggling for ten minutes, older one is done with her candy and a special cookie. Baby starts crying. I can not hook the trailer on a bike. Baby cries more. I call TH and he tries to explain, but I can not make a picture from his words. A woman comes by. She has been hearing my baby for a long time. “I have a two ear old, and I can not. the baby cried for a long time. I think he wants to come out,”she says and
I am now holding the baby and she listens to my husband’s instruction.
Boom! she figured it out.
So I go
with two kids behind me. It feels great. I am not scared.