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New Class in Calligraphy/Brush Painting

Sunday 15h00-17h30 (Except Geneva school holidays)

Place: Crayons de Soleil (7 Rue Ernest-Hentsch, Geneve 1207)


Korean/Chinese Calligraphy and brush painting could come off at first as rigid and strict in comparison to other methods of drawing and painting. Not only that, each area among the three requires hours and years of practice to “master” it. The history this ancient art form is vast and there had been numerous masters in the past who put unreachable standards for the posterity.

However, it is good to remember it is not about impressing other people or pleasing a critical self. It is rather for the enjoyment of the moment of practicing, losing oneself in the act of writing or painting, and coming back to life energised and enlightened.

The workshops are meant to be taken individually or in multiples consecutively or not. It is recommended to follow 5 Classes of Initiation to Calligraphy/Brush Painting.

Class 1 Historical Background of Chinese and Korean Calligraphy, Introduction to materials, Getting to the brush exercises

Class 2 Basic Strokes for Chinese characters I

Class 3 Basic Strokes for Chinese characters II

Class 4 Basic Strokes for Chinese characters III

Class 5 Putting the strokes together. Letter “Young”

After having learned 8 basic strokes of Chinese characters, each student can choose to pursue one of three domains:

Chinese Characters (Standard Script)

Korean Characters (A wood-block printing style of Hangul calligraphy)

Brush Painting (Plum Blossoms, Bamboo, Chrysanthemum, Orchid)



400 CHF for 10 classes of 2.5 hours of teaching (40 CHF per class)

225 CHF for 5 classes (45 CHF per class)

50 per class if preferred to pay each time

10 for a trial class. (All materials are provided)

For Information and Registration:

Bo Lee +41 (0)78 623 53 64


a cat and a boy
Daily Inspirations

For all the cat lovers

Beginning of this year Faith and Zuka met for the first time at M’s. M is an auntie who takes care of Faith while the artist mommy goes to her studio. In January Faith used to scream around Zuka with half real fear and half fascination. Zuka found a new hiding spot in the under pocket of Faith’s stroller. Other than that I don’t know much about their interactions.

This morning Faith did not want to part with me so I put him on the high chair. He is usually distracted by munchies. Next moment I saw Zuka climbing up to take his place next to Faith.

So this is how friendship builds.




In Geneva, schools have a ski vacation for one week in February. City is emptier than usual but  ski schools are packed. People evacuate to the mountains for sports and sunlight. It is much more desired to go up than stay down here with rain and fog.

Beginning of this month, I started going to Geneva printmaking atelier. Sometimes when I am there I feel as if I am dreaming. I can’t believe I am here again with colorful tarletan-balls, heating plate, paint knives, petrol and alcohol. This is where I belong.

I am 36 years old this month. I am not waiting for April as I had been doing in the past February months. I am not in a rush to embark on a new project or to have a show. I like watching my three-year-old girl playing with my baby. My favorite is listening to their giggles for all the evening after bath. This sight and sound, I want to run them through the press and print them on my memory.