In Geneva, schools have a ski vacation for one week in February. City is emptier than usual but  ski schools are packed. People evacuate to the mountains for sports and sunlight. It is much more desired to go up than stay down here with rain and fog.

Beginning of this month, I started going to Geneva printmaking atelier. Sometimes when I am there I feel as if I am dreaming. I can’t believe I am here again with colorful tarletan-balls, heating plate, paint knives, petrol and alcohol. This is where I belong.

I am 36 years old this month. I am not waiting for April as I had been doing in the past February months. I am not in a rush to embark on a new project or to have a show. I like watching my three-year-old girl playing with my baby. My favorite is listening to their giggles for all the evening after bath. This sight and sound, I want to run them through the press and print them on my memory.


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