Motherhood Journal

The Motherhood Journal #9

Musings on multidimensional reality on the doorstep of my adolescence, on the first day of Autumn.

My younger one, who is less-than-a-month short from being three, wraps his arm around my neck as I was carrying him to the outside. We wanted to say good-bye to my dad who was taking off for work. His black satan cruises away without a sound and we are standing in the doorway waiving good-bye. A movement catches our eyes, a black phoebe from a rooftop to the electricity line on a post.

One phoebe on six thick black horizontals is like looking at a computer game from the eighties where a Pacman could move only up-down and sideways.

Behind the flat screen, vast three dimensional space rolling upwards from the horizon over the trees. Sheep-shaped clouds scattered evenly by a mathematic formula receive the warmth of the new day, tinted in pink.


One response to “The Motherhood Journal #9

  1. 보경아 오늘 새벽에 둘째 젖을 주면서 네 생각을 했었어. 반가운 포스팅이다. 건강하게 잘 지내고 곧 또 만나자.


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