KimyiBo Art

My Journey of becoming a Mother Part Two cont.

I have always been interested in the idea of there’s-gotta-be-more-than-what-it-is. I don’t watch many movies, because I fall asleep during the preview… But among the few I have seen, Contact (1997), is one that has stuck with me. The female antagonist’s (played by Jody Foster) faith that there would be something more than us in the universe resonates with me.
For me, it is more about the multiplicity of time. If I were to believe this linear time that we are bound to is the only single reality, it would be harder than believing there are other Bo’s doing difference things in different times.

Sometimes I feel strong connection to stars because I feel they are the generous clues to the realities beyond my time. I love the round orange moon that hangs an inch above the roofs because there is a unusual presence around it that I feel the need to decode the message.

The drawings of hypercubes were born with this kind of curiosity. I embarked on a research for the examples of the visualisation of the fourth dimension and came across the works of Tony Robin ( I was drawn to his work because of his use of color as architectural element and that he builds dimensions with it.

So I constructed with colours. It was an experimentation to see how color-change can create movement in space. With hypercube drawings, I used crosshatchings (creating a surface with lines) of color lines. With this I wanted to experiment with optical color blending. A lot of my process is driven by “I-want-to-see-what-happens-if” rather and following a pre-conceived plan. I rarely have a good plan, in my art making or life. What you must have is hope.

Hope carries us through the uncertain times.




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