Globala Tanters film festival featured in a media in S.Korea

This is sooooo fun!!! 너무 재밌다

Globala Tanter


I am now at the scene of a small film festival that introduces East Asian culture and arts in Sweden. Listen to the messages that Globala Tanter gives to the Swedish mainstream society.
A small salong in Hagabion is full seated.
The fun explanation of an Asian family culture in the Taiwanese movie brings smiles in the audience.
It is the scene of the ‘Global Tanter Film Festival’ which tells stories about the Asian culture to Sweden through films.
[Grundström / audience: The choice of film was very good, and it was a wonderfully prepared film festival. Everything was good. It is really good to be able to come and experience this film festival directly.]
This festival has been sponsored by the City of Gothenburg and ABF film and Media for two years.
The artist’s group ’Globala Tanter’  has created a film festival and has been operating so far.

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