Daily Inspirations

Art education and Luis Camnitzer

How would you describe the relation between education and art?

Luis Camnitzer: Personally and given the above, I don’t see any difference and I wish that artists would consider themselves also as educators, and educators also as artists. Otherwise artists are reduced to working on self-therapy, and educators continue working as trainers and transmitters of information.

Interview: Gila Kolb, 2017

Thanks Elvira, my working partner, I am discovering the thoughts of Luis Camnizter.
Art as a process of solving problems… it ‘s an attractive way of thinking about art. But when he said “Otherwise artists are reduced to working on self-therapy” I don’t completely agree. I think making art purely for oneself is also valuable work. Imagine, if more people artists–making something just because they want to, and for nothing else–the world would be a better place. Does art really have to have a purpose?

Having said that, I am still intrigued by the thoughts of Camnizter, for example, when he said something like this: “Instead it is a way of confronting knowledge with unbound and limitless imagination, to question systems of order, to look for alternative systems and unlikely connections, and to only then start negotiating feasibility in real and functional everyday life. Within this frame of a general curricular construction, art as a fragmentary production discipline presents us with interesting or uninteresting solutions that may or may not help us deal with reality and with the order/disorder of the Universe. (https://thearteducatorstalk.net/en/?interview=luis-camnitzer-art-thinking-2)


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