Collective Creative Activity

We formed as a collective of women artists because of our common situation/condition. We share similar, if not identical problems of isolation; both from other women artist and the general isolation of artists in a society which is alien to collective creative activity.(Women’s workshop, Artists’ Union, Spare Rib, July 1974, no. 20, p. 38)

Their statement illustrated the double-edged assault of feminism both against the nth of individual creativity which, in practical terms, results in isolation and exploitation for artists, and against the particular experience of women, cut off from each other and from public acknowledgment as artists. Working Collectively is both a reaction against an oppressive condition and a progressive critique of it. (Parker and Pollock, Fifteen years of feminist action: From practical strategies to strategic practices, Framing Feminism: Art and the Women’s movement 1970-1985, Padora, An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, London, p3)

NOTE: This series of posts are collections of writings and other sources related to art and critical learning. I am at the moment using this blog space as my personal research journals for 1) a  practical reason: to not lose them amidst my scattered notes everywhere 2) an idealistic reason: perhaps someone else might find them useful….


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