some thoughts on my life

Elizabeth Gilbert clarifies difference between Hobby Job Career and Vocation.

I only listened once and did not take notes so I am paraphrasing here
Hobby is something you do for pure pleasure, to not make you feel like you are a producing machine. You don’t need to make money from it, you don’t even have to show whatever you make and do to anybody it is just for you. You don’t need to have a hobby.

Job is a job. This is something you must have in order to live in this materialistic world. You don’t need to be passionate about it or love it. It is something you just do and get paid in return.

Career is NOT something you need to have. Career is something you care about and even passionate about. It is something you are willing to pay for with your time and work even when it does not pay you.

Vocation is the thing that your inner voice tells you is the purpose of your life. Something that you need to get out to the world. It is something that you will do anyway regardless of how successful you will become through it in a the world.

SO here is a deal.
I think I was happier when art was my hobby before it became a career. Definitely being an artist was never a job. I am still trying to figure out if it is my vocation.

Then I am starting to think teaching has been my vocation. Somehow I just knew it but I did not pursue it seriously as a career. Is it too late now?

Perhaps there is also intersectionality in one’s vocation –or– is it just me feeling ambivalent?


I gave a painting lesson to children of age 10 yesterday on Color and Wave. They came up with these two images posted here in 45 minutes. I think I have some serious talent for teaching… I never thought that about my art.


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