Teacher KimyiBO

ELAN postcard final all .indd“In this Summer camp we invite the children to imagine a new world through collective art making. They will explore the meaning of the community and ecology though drawing, building, and upcycling.”


Day one. Furniture

Day two. Things with Wheels

Day three. Nature

Day four. House

Day five. Catching up



The best part of my job as an artist-mother is that I have the flexibility to bring my children to my work. On the way to Crayons de Soleil ( a friend’s atelier where the camp took place) Hope would ask me, “Umma, why do we have to go earlier before the children arrive?” I say it is because I want to be there to make sure everything is set up correctly before the children arrive. Then she asks, “We are the children too, then why do we have to go early?”

We had the same conversation every morning we were walking to the atelier. It seemed she found it amusing to get to be in the “backstage” of the classroom. After each class, while my partner and I were cleaning up and preparing for the next day, Hope and Faith found their corners with a picture book on their laps and unwound. Precious.

I want to summarize our five days of adventure by the following pictures.









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