New Class in Calligraphy/Brush Painting

Sunday 15h00-17h30 (Except Geneva school holidays) Place: Crayons de Soleil (7 Rue Ernest-Hentsch, Geneve 1207) **************************************************************** Korean/Chinese Calligraphy and brush painting could come off at first as rigid and strict in comparison…

Blessings Book

I finally finished printing 7 editions of Blessings. Now I am working on typography for the poems and the title page. 2011-2016  

Playing with a brush pen

Children naturally like what their mom likes. When I am practicing calligraphy in the presence of my children it means taking turns with the brush.


In Geneva, schools have a ski vacation for one week in February. City is emptier than usual but  ski schools are packed. People evacuate to the mountains for sports and sunlight….

Motherhood journal #8

Woke up at 5AM had BR alone. Loved it then drew an orangutan I liked his eyes. it’s wednesday and my heart is heavy two kids and me until 9PM…

Handprinted Cards

As a second part of my workshop at A l’heure sensation, we had two week intense printmaking to prepare for Noel. The works above are are produced by two women while…

Fragrance of Orchid

Tuesday night at L’heure la Sensation, we had a finale of a five-week-long workshop on orchid and bamboo drawing. We carved out a stamp for our names written in Korean…