Humility Curiosity Empathy

From a reading derived to an inbox this morning-which I started by snapping at my people in the kitch, or which I started with frowning at the crumbs on the kitchen floor, or which I started by stuffing dry rice into my belly to get energy to run a vacuum cleaner. What kind of title is “The 3 keys to becoming irresistible”, right? It sounds like your usual key-to-make-money-with-your-blog but today I started a day wrong so I might as well clicked on this and I found something not quite expected. Worth reading the whole article but I want to highlight the author’s definition on Empathy. This is the best definition of this word I have ever heard.

Link to the article_The Three kets to becoming irresistible_by John Gorman_____


This trait is the miracle drug of humanity (and elephants, and dolphins). It is the simplest, sweetest attribute one can possess, and the most worthwhile one worth cultivating for social success. Empathy brings people closer, and makes others feel understood and less alone inside. And if there is one thing we’re all looking to become a little less of, it’s alone. When I see truly empathetic people, I see people who genuinely care, but also people who remind us that sometimes it’s okay to be still with someone else and not invade their space or encroach their boundaries. This unique ability to understand the world through others’ eyes and cut to the heart of what others are feeling and experiencing. Empathy breeds compassion, connection and love. It is an important precursor for honesty.


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