Motherhood Journal

Make a doll, Handle the Sibling Rivalry

Wardolf Doll

So I have been working on this Wardolf doll since December.
It was meant to be a gift for Hope for having a baby brother. The idea was that she will learn to take care of her “baby” while I am caring for our new born. Well, now our baby is not exactly a new born any more -_- Faith crawls from one end to the other end of the room and he keeps turning as I am changing his diaper. No, Hope does not make any connection between the doll and her little brother.

Instead I tried to introduce the doll to Hope as a friend. We gave her a name Aoa, which rhymes with my daughter’s name. I made Aoa a dress from Hope’s old flower patterned dress that was given to us a by a dear friend. I am already attached to this doll but it seems like it will take some time for Hope to feel that Aoa is her friend. She tried to sleep with her at night, but she couldn’t. She told be to take the doll out of her crib. One day we took out Aoa to the backyard. Hope wanted to drag Aoa on dirt as she hopped around the yard. She saw me frowning even though I was trying not to show I cared. I am not sure if I am ready to give Aoa to Loah.

In reality six-month-old Faith loves playing with the Aoa the most. He tangles the doll’s hair around his tiny fingers and pulls them hard. He drools on her. He hold her leg up and pounds it on the floor again and again. He is in command. Perhaps the doll that looks like his sister is just what he needed right now. Hmmm…


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