Motherhood Journal

Motherhood Journal #5

Mother’s prayer

On August 15 of Lunar calendar,
under the full moon light
people used to make a wish

It would be a super full moon this year
TH told me the day before

I wanted to stay out until the moonrise but we had to put Hope to bed before a football match Korea vs. Uruguay
On our bed beside the windows we lie
to begin our bedtime routine
until something knocks on the pane
not with any sound, just silent rays of lights overlain
on the venetian blinds

We clear the window to receive the call to join
in the ancient prayer routine on such night

I know to whom my hearts are speaking to
and along with ten thousand words my wish will go up
and after hundred years my ardor will turn back to its source
and enter through the window of a little girl’s room
as her mother and father guide her to sleep.


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