Daily Inspirations

Evening of Kyoto

Third night since I got back from Kyoto, I am trying to come up with reasons why I go back to the image of a deserted playground of the evening I arrived in the city. That night, I was so excited about my status as a free woman, away from her daily responsibilities, I could not fall asleep until four AM. A friend from childhood and I shared a bunk bed in a tiny room in a guesthouse. Like a sailor on a raft, I floated in the sea of time.

The color of evening in Kyoto is not the same as that of neon Seoul, nor sweat scented Philadelphia. Old playground and locked up swimming pool, drained for many summers are cherished by Kyoto people.

On narrow roads of twilight stream, slips a city bike with two full baskets of books, cutting through transparent air tinted with street lamps.

Wind on my face
left off the wheels.
battered slide still standing.

교토의 밤, 그 색은 한국의 것과도 필라델피아의 것 과도 다르다

낡은 놀이터
폐쇠된 수영장을 허물지 않고 두는
노란 가로등불 좁은 골목에 깔리면
그위로 자전거에 책가방 실고 미끄러져간다.
그 뒤로 부는 바람—
다시 그 자리에 서 있는 오래된 미끄럼틀.

교토의 밤, 소리는 담겨진 대화소리
정돈된. 절제된. 대문 뒤에서
소곤소곤 오고가는 이야기

하루일과 후 검은 양복바지에 반듯이 다린 하얀 와이셔츠 입고 삼삼오오 줄지어 좁다란 대문 머리숙여 차례로 들어가 공복을 채우는 기다리던 시간.





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