When we have to say goodbye to a daughter we shake our head like a three year old
we won’t give in to a candy, playground, not even a teddy bear.
“No!” you can’t make me stop crying.

Yes, I promised to you I will smile at her.
I repeated the promise to myself many times before this day.

I just didn’t know it will be one of those ordinary days.

After attending a memorial service for a fifteen year old girl, a daughter of my friend, we lingered in the crematorium for a bit. We took a contemplative walk through a garden and watched tadpoles becoming frogs.

“Cuckoo cuckoo” from the red pine hill
green leaflets fluttering into blue sky
today is same as yesterday

In the evening, we met with TH’s old friends at a restaurant called Queen’s Table, a Koreanized Italian restaurant.
One of the friends has an almost four year old daughter, who was wearing a pink dress and a bob haircut.
Hope called her unni, and the two learned how to do summersault on the grass.
Way passed her bedtime, Hope got a second wind of energy from the grass and the evening air.







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