Daily Inspirations

How we wish that coffee shop would still be there when we return in six years

In 2008, I had a first solo exhibition after MFA in an art village called Heiry.
The title of the show, “Flow of Element” at UV House at Heiri.

After TH and I hung six paintings and seven hundred colored squares, we invited friends to come and enjoy the show.
There were many cafes in Heiri for us to explore with our guests.
Our favorite was a smallest cafe in the village because of the aroma of roasting beans. The small space, divided vertically by two floors felt full just with us three.
We ordered coffee and home-baked chocolate chip cookie.

After six years since then, we went back to Heiri with our Hope.
Heiri had become a big theme park, rather than an artist village where artists live and work.
We were not too disheartened since Hope enjoyed Big Doggy ride, artificial snow pile, oversized animation characters and soap bubbles.
There were hundreds of cafes and restaurants for adults.

To my disappointment UV House was closed.

But there was that coffee shop, still offering the same chocolate chip cookie.
It was so so sweet.



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