Perhaps Love is…

Six years ago, a guy sang a song, “Perhaps Love” to me in front of five hundred people.
It was one Saturday afternoon, and the sky was grey, humidity 99%.
Monsoon was delayed by one day that year, to get started by the evening of the day.


This year, first time back together to a country we got married since we left, we are again bride and bridegroom,
under the same grey sky. Calendar shows the day is again Saturday this year.


We ride a subway across the city, to the oldest part of the city. We fill our stomach with colorful vegetables and rice.
Green and red on wooden plates
Seaweed noodle soaked in white bean juice
We give each bite a name to be remembered.

DSCF6087 DSCF6082 DSCF6071




A walk up a hill, passing by old doors with iron cast locks
where he places me to capture in his camera
one or two clicks with laughter, one or two drops follow after

rushing down to the subway station,
hungry again,
this time for cheese…


The restaurant info for you when you visit Korea
Han-meui-chon (Vegetarian Korean Cuisine)


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