KimyiBo Art

和 화평 PEACE #scriptgram

There are several characters for peace in Chinese, and I chose the character this character hé (or hwa in Korean pronunciation). The current form of this character that we use today is composed of a character for rice stalk on the left and a character for mouth  (口) on the right. So some interpret it as that peace is when there is rice in the mouth or when rice is evenly distributed among people.

However if you look at the history how the character has evolved, we can see that the older form of the character from the Bronze the left and right side are flipped and instead of 口, there was 龠, the character for flute.  In fact of the variant forms和, is the character 龢,  the flute. This character for flute 龠  is a picture of a mouth over a pan flute. The tubes of bamboo resonates in response to the air-stream blowing across an open hole at the top, Music is produced as the tubes of different length resonate in rhythm.   

Interpersonal peace is achieved when people resonate with each other. In the way way one arrives at the state of inner peace when one’s soul resonates with the creator.  


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