Daily Inspirations

The Green Effect

Hope and Faith

Faith cries an instant I walk away from him. He does not walk alone yet, but what he does really well is glueing himself to my legs and moving with me. He grabs on my trousers while I am standing cooking or walking to a toilet. It feels as if I am wearing stone pouches on my ankles to get more muscles on my legs.  He moves with me and I have to very careful when I lift my legs while taking steps inside the kitchen so he does not slip on a hard ceramic tiled floor. When he falls, he makes sure I read the situation as a misery. He lies down flat looking at the ceiling, waiting to be picked up. 

I don’t do well with the sound of baby crying. One time when I was tired from lack of sleep and suffering from lack of energy I was on the verge of losing it. Faith and I were hanging out in the kitchen with him clinging on my leg as usual (we don’t really move from one room to the other easily) and I had to get my phone in hallway. I tore my legs from his grip and ran. Billowing wail followed. I was standing with my phone, and looking down on the floor when the drama was being put on. A little actor was performing his best act of tragedy. I just could not watch it any more. I did not want to hear it any more. 

I too started wailing. Louder than him. Tub full of water is unplugged and there was no way to stop it. 

Three, four, five minutes passed perhaps. I looked at Faith. He was playing with his wooden train. He learned that he can live on his own without our bodies touching. I won!

Today after I pick up Hope from school, we go to the lawn by the lake. Green makes my anxious toddler calm and clingy baby confident. I tell them to sit together while I get more bread from the stroller which is twenty steps away from where we are. When I get back with a stroller, I see the two discussing about natural science around the topic of types of grass grown in Lac Leman region. These are the precious moments and since they come and go so quickly you gotta be on your guards all the time to catch them. 


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