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Studio unpacking

It’s been a bit more than a month in Geneva as a mom who tagged along her husband with two young children . Must say it has been a tough month, not having a minute to myself. 

5 AM. birds are doing the group chanting thing  and I am working here too. 

I am slowly unboxing paints, brushes, scraps of paper, rulers, erasers…and lots more. I have emotional attachment to every one of these items that have made it across the Pacific and Atlantic. Some have crossed the big ocean more than three times depending on its country of origin. 

This is good for me, my friends. I have missed my art belongings for so long. This process is emotional–being reunited with the ones held in hostage in two and a half years. Now they are coming back home. 



2 responses to ‘Studio unpacking

  1. Welcome back to the art world or should I say welcome back to your inner peace. When Anna Lucia was about 10 years old we ran into Brian Sago having dinner with friends in St. Paul. When introduced Anna blurted out to Brian that I was the happiest she ever saw when I was taking his class on screen printing at Highpoint…. and then she thanked him for “it”….We all laughed. Brian I knew appreciated the comment as a teacher and I will always remember it as a mom because it’s true. When I’m not printing I feel stalled and I get frustrated easier… and when I am creating…. a print it may not work or I might run into registration problems but I still feel better …Ciao Bella. Therese


    • Therese, thank you for sharing about “feeling stalled” and “getting frustrated easier” when you were not making art. Really. I feel I am not not alone being a preoccupied mom here… I thank Highpoint and Brian for you too!!


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