Fancied Strokes

One Clove of Garlic


Two hours after sunset,

finally sat down to draw.

In the morning, I asked myself what would I draw if I had all the time to myself. So I drew a clove of garlic.

I like its shape. The shape comes from growing with other cloves in one family.

For a family, food is essential.

I made many mistakes on food today.

One, giving lettuce leaf to Suhahn, which went down her esophagus, came back out again with all the milk she just ate.

Two, to make up for the milk that was lost, I mixed defrosted frozen milk with rice cereal. She hated it.

Three, when Suhahn was still hungry, I tried giving her bites of cooked sweet potato. It made her thirsty so she wanted more milk.

What a day.





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