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Seed of Growing

Playground @ Angel's House

This picture was taken when the painting was done. THe volunteers are clothes at the Angel’s House.

This mural project at the Angel’s House  was organized by the Beatiful Store. This place is a home for people who have hard time mentally. The director of the Beautiful Store, a benevolent sponsor, and I as an art director were the main crew. There were many volunteers who came to scape the wall, paint the wall, and have fun together. We painted a strip of patterns on the wall in playground. It was celebrating colorful growth, which was the story of the Angel’s House. img_0012

This is wall outside the house. We painted a bird on each ceramic plate (of course we also made these tiles with our hands) and placed them on the wall. Gluing it securely in the wall was a challenge. We had to hold each one for thirty minutes.


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