Drawing and Calligraphy Class

Asian Calligraphy and Brush Painting in Geneva

Each class accommodates from 2-6 people, both beginners and advanced students. New students can join at any time, and make their own schedule. For example one student decides to take 5 classes from June until October because she expects to travel on several weekends. Unless I am traveling too, I will try to be in the atelier every Sunday as long as we have 2 people at the time. As an artist mother I am learning that the half of creative work is just to SHOW UP AND KEEP MY PLACE. I invite you to join me right here!

SUNDAY 15h – 17h30 

CRAYON DE SOLEIL  (7, Rue Ernest-Hentsch, 1207 Genève)

CONTACT   kimyibo@gmail.com

Korean Calligraphy is an art of writing Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and Hanja (Chinese charactered incorporated into Korean language) using a brush and ink. Brush calligraphy teaches you how to control the sensitive and responsive brush, create gestural line-strokes, and form balanced compositions. From my experience I have seen that the skills I gained from learning brush calligraphy are easily transferrable to other areas of visual art such as watercolor painting, typography, and drawing. 

KimyiBo’s calligraphy atelier is intended for learners across all ages (age 10 and up) and all skill-levels. You can come alone, or bring a friend. Families can also join together in our relaxed and meditative Sunday workshop.

We begin by grinding ink. Beginners will be introduced to basic strokes and different styles of brush scripts. After this period the students may choose to work on either Hangul (the Korean alphabet), Hanja (Chinese characters), or drawing of flowers and trees.


(Children discount available if/when both children and accompanying adults are taking a course together)

For new students

Individual classes   50  CHF /  25 CHF (Children discount)

Set of five classes  225  CHF / 125 CHF

Set of ten classes 400 CHF /  250 CHF

Discount for continuing students exits