Trustworthy #48

Trustworthy #48

“Trustworhty #48”, 2011 by Haegue Yang. On-going series of paper collages, various envelope security patterns.

Jonathan Lasker’s Methodology

I am very interested in methods of making art. Jonathan Lasker makes mini paintings to solve problems about color and composition before he paints large. I resonate with him in…

Danielle Kutschied

My favorite Piece from Women:Relationship and Identity Exhibition. Title: Internal/External Medium: Graphite, paper, thread, and linen Size: 9″x13″  

Flying Pig 2010

Flying Pig 2010 by KimyiBo “Starlight and Watery Creatures” Imagination and memory are meshed into one daydream. With my tiny wings I travel across time and dimensions. I was walking…