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Artist Talk in Q Commons

Great things have been happening since we came to Geneva. One of them is that I am invited to give a nine-minute talk at Q Commons Geneva ( http://qcommons.com/geneva ). I am sharing about my experience as a mother wrestling between art and children in the past five years.

The preQ_Bo_LEepping process has been a blessing for me–soul searching, meaning digging work. The hardest part is trying to put everything I want to say into a nine-minute box. I am still editing the script and it is already Wednesday and the talk will be on Friday!

TH took an awesome profile picture of me to post on the page for the event. I am so thankful that I have a photographer husband!

KimyiBo Art

Three Years

In May 2012 I hung 512 paper tiles in tapestry for an art exhibition.

For three years since then, I did not produce any art that could go on my resume or portfolio. Three years go by fast for some, but for some it is eternity.

Each day during those three years did not go wasted. Three years may be all you have.

Motherhood Journal

Motherhood Journal #7


Yesterday evening TH left work early to meet us at L’heure de la sensation in the evening. His job was to occupy Hope and Faith so I can talk with the crew of l’Heure about new projets. (I will have a chance to talk about some of the exciting things I may be doing here more in detail in the next post.) I am very thankful to TH for giving his full support so I can take baby steps to get back to work. 

TH gets more excited than I when I get to do anything related to art. He is the one who tells me not to compromise my dream. He used his one week vacance to be a full time daddy so I can go to a cafe and start thinking about new projects. I really don’t think I could even think of doing anything outside of mothering without his faith in me. 

On our way back home TH put Faith on his back and had Hope sit on his bike seat and walked them all together. I was trailing from behind watching the whole scene. What love carries all of us